Upcoming Events

Abril 24-25 Viernes-Sábado 

Dist. RR Commanders Conference 

Abril 29- May 1 Miercoles- Viernes 

Sect. Refrigerio at TBA, TLL Friday 

Mayo 1 Vernes

LL Friday Cancelled - Refrigio Serv. 

Mayo 1-3 Viernes-Domingo 

Dist. Ministers Retreat 

Mayo 9 Sábado 

Sect. CE Seminar, 9-1pm at Monte Horeb 

Mayo 18-22 Lunes-Viernes

TLL Semana de Oración/ Prayer Week, 7:30 pm. 

Mayo 24 Domingo

TLL Santa Cena/Holy Communion 

Mayo 29 Viernes

TLL/Sect. English Adult Servicio Unido/United Service, 7:30 pm 

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Devotional Service


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What better way to finish the work week with an inspiring evening of fellowship and fun.

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Family Ministries